Credit for negative: Individual

The global economic crisis eventually led Brazil to a sensible recession. Allied to the fact that the spending habits of Brazilians are not especially cautious, according to Serasa studies, we have the country with a large amount of negatives. has more details

Being negative means having a dirty name on the delinquent list. When we fail to pay bills, depending on their amount and nature, our name is subject to listing. This ends up blocking many possibilities, such as closing certain deals, making some purchases, closing contracts, such as real estate, and also applying for credit.

A name on the delinquency list is now seen as unreliable for financial institutions. Someone already in default is considered likely to be again – how to lend money to that person then?

Here’s the question: How can I get credit for negatives then?

Negative credit types

Negative credit types

Credit for those who have a dirty name can be a good way to regularize the situation. Provided, of course, there is enough organization and income to repay this new debt.

Since it is not any type of credit that can be granted to negatives, we have separated some of the most common that are commonly.

  • Payroll loans – Especially good for civil servants, retirees and pensioners, this type of credit does not have negativity as an approval criterion. You just have to have a steady salary. Payment installments are automatically linked to salary, similar to an automatic debit. Thus, even if the beneficiary forgets to pay, there is a guarantee of minimum automatic payment. So there is no need for a clean name and interest rates are low. This is a great option for negative credit .
  • Secured Credit – This is a refinancing of your own property, similar to a mortgage. If you have a home of your own, simply apply for the credit and place it as collateral. There will be chattel mortgage, ie it will be temporarily transferred to the bank in question until the debt is repaid. It is possible to get up to 60% of the property value in this mode. Since there is a house as collateral, interest rates are much lower than the market average; and so this type fits in negative credit.
  • Online Personal Credit – This mode usually has few requirements for granting credit. Its values ​​are lower, being a good option for emergencies and short term. It is advisable to pay attention to the often very high interest rates.

How to apply for negative credit

How to apply for negative credit

Astro Finance is the main part for you. Just place your order on our site, with the values ​​you want, and fill in your personal and bank details, and other information.

We contacted the financial institutions for you and found the best option for your situation. Thus, there is no need to worry about the step by step of getting negative credit. When lenders analyze your situation and your credit is approved, which happens in minutes, the money falls into your account – in a matter of a few days.

Contact us and try to get your credit approved online quickly and efficiently, with a bad name or not.

How to pay your credit for negative

How to pay your credit for negative

  If you were already negative when applying for your credit, the chances of you having difficulty managing your finances are great, right? So to help you organize your financial life and make good use of purchased negative credit, we decided to put together a few tips that will make all the difference in paying your installments. Check out:

1. Prioritize credit payment to negative

By getting your credit for negative you will have a large amount on hand to do what you want with the money. But after getting it comes the installments, which must be paid always on time, first of all. This ensures that you have the credibility to take another loan when you need it and not get involved in a new debt.

2. Gather all the money you can

It’s really hard to save money, but if you borrowed it, you were already suffering from it. Enjoy the breath you can take when accessing this large amount of money, pay off your debts and start saving money in a savings. This is the best advice we can give you so that you never have to be tight with money again.

3. Cut superfluous spending

There are always those outings every weekend, the new clothes every time you go to the mall, the gifts for both, and the bill money goes away. If you walk without a dollar in your pocket and your credit card limit is always over, it’s time to review your priorities.

Cut out everything you don’t need by making replacements. Do you really need to buy new clothes every month? Do you really need to go out every weekend to eat out? Think about it and start making different financial choices right now.

4. Suspend Credit Card Usage

  If you are repaying your credit installments for negative, that is your focus now, your priority. Keep your credit card in the drawer for a while and start using more debit, always remembering to save some money on your savings.

Leave your credit card for really emergency situations, as a high card bill can get in the way of your financial organization and your negative credit settlement. Do whatever you can to improve your reputation and clear your name, always keeping your credibility up to date with financial institutions.

How to clear your name

Once you get your credit for negative you will surely have the desire to clear your name, right? So pay your installments on time and be sure to follow the next tips for clearing your name for good.

First tip is to check in which institutions your name is rolling. Serasa? SPC? SCPC? If you have been in default for too long, you may have your name on all these agencies.

Once you identify where your name is dirty, see how much you owe and try to negotiate the debt, either directly with the bank, shop or agency, it depends on how your situation is, how much you owe, and how long you owe it.

After you get paid, check with your social security number to see if your name is clear again. Make sure you keep it up to date by always paying your bills on the right dates and keeping track of your spending.

There are several advantages to having a clean name. One of them is to have a better quality of life, by having your bills up to date and without anyone charging you, because duty always makes you feel something irregular.

Another advantage is more work productivity and peace of mind in your personal life as you will get rid of the worry. Count on Astro to ensure a happier life and get out of the red once and for all with negative credit